Entry #1

The reason of my unactivity.

2015-09-02 18:43:15 by tirsod2000

as if somebody cared.

Since I finished with the Afraid of the Dark, im helping in the development of THIS game, I've been almost one year making sprites and music for this project I have with a friend, And it made real hard to at least start any other game.

Im filled with ideas I want to make happen, and when I try, they just get impossible.

Now that it's greenlight, I have been fully concentrated on making this game being available to play. Maybe you will see something from me after this thing is playable.

See ya.

Edit: That ain't how the game looks right now, though. It needs some update.


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2015-09-02 20:33:56

Good luck with your project!

tirsod2000 responds:

Thank you dude!


2015-09-04 18:01:30

wooaahhh it's like the took all the dudes off a foosball table and made them attack each other, awesome. I'm curious to see what it'll look like with the updates

(Updated ) tirsod2000 responds:

Pretty cool actually! this is a secret though: We have established a "deadline" around 15th of this month, maybe then you will be able to see it :)

Alright it clearly didnt happen in the 15th. Just soon.