Making another game

2016-07-08 18:09:33 by tirsod2000

Making a Shooter with a friend, where you are an antivirus and must eradicate the viruses. (I'm just going to put some pics here and there and leave lol)

Destroying viruses with a bomb

That's a trojan with a friend

And here I'm shooting at their faces

(Yes, there are more type of viruses. Yes, I should have a little demo ready soon.)


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2016-07-09 05:49:06

Looks pretty trippy. Looking forward to the demo!

tirsod2000 responds:

I will tell you when it's ready!


2016-07-09 06:39:00

Hit My Name Bro When Demo Is Released! Can't Wait to try it!

tirsod2000 responds:

I will!


2017-02-06 15:38:58

nice game dude!!! seen like a 80's movie, what happened to the game?

tirsod2000 responds:

Hello there, I'm still working on it and adding cool features. I will soon release a demo of the Arcade mode!